Swedish developer Mimerse release spider-fobia VR app, Itsy

Swedish developer Mimerse release spider-fobia VR app, Itsy


Swedish developer Mimerse  have in recent years invested heavily in VR software for therapy in clinical settings. This week they released an interesting app for those suffering from arachnophobia (unhealthy fear of spiders)

The app, with the very catchy name Itsy, help people who have trouble to relieve the symptoms of their spiderphobia. Through various games and tasks, you gradually learn to become more and more comfortable with the little creatures.

Arachnophobia is the excessive and irrational fear of spiders. Although many spiders are completely harmless, a person may feel a strong discomfort around them. Sometimes even an object that only resembles a spider can trigger a panic attack, and although many of us do not see it as a daily problem, a mild form of discomfort around spiders is far from unusual.

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With Itsy, you gradually learn to manage this phobia. In the beginning, you play with small and tiny cute clownlike spiders, but the further you get the bigger and more real the spiders become. During treatment, you collect points and encounter bosses and gradually learn to manage your fears.

The game is developed in cooperation with Stockholm University and have recently been tested on over 100 testsubjects in a controlled clinical environment. Go here to read more about the project.

Itsy can be downloaded from Oculus Home for Samsung GearVR.